ACCF at the Japanese Society for Clinical Oncology International Conference

28 October 2022

Dr Venkata Pradeep Babu Koyyala, Senior Consultant and Lead, Medical Oncology - Tezpur Cancer Centre, was invited to the recently held Japanese Society for Clinical Oncology International Conference at Kobe, Japan. Dr Venkata spoke on the Scenario of Gall Bladder Cancer in Northeast India and the reasons for late stage presentation of the deadly cancer. After Chile, the highest incidence of gall bladder cancer is seen in North and Northeast India, particularly in Assam. It is seen that lack of accessibility to cancer centres has been a primary cause for delay in investigation - leading to advanced stages of gall bladder cancer, along with financial challenges and lack of awareness about cancer. Dr Venkata discussed on how the hospitals set up by Assam Cancer Care foundation (ACCF) – an initiative of the Government of Assam and the Tata Trusts, is going to fill in the gap of accessibility and financial issues for cancer care. The Chair of the session - Japan appreciated the three-tier programme of ACCF and expressed their interest in collaboration for research in cancer care.